Subjects list

Information about the course

Field of study:

Data Engineering

Level of studies:

first-cycle studies

Mode of study:

Full-time studies

Date of commencement of studies:

October 2021


Faculty of Electronics,Telecommunications and Informatics

Level of qualification according to the European and national qualifications frameworks:

full qualification at the 6th level of the Polish Qualifications Framework

Professional title obtained by the graduate:


Learning profile:

general academic profile

Number of semesters:


Number of ECTS credits:

  • 136 - Field of study: Data Engineering
  • 182 - Stream: Creating big data solutions
  • 212 - Profile: Intelligent data processing
  • 212 - Profile: Data exploration in management
  • 182 - Stream: Big data in business management
  • 212 - Profile: Intelligent data processing
  • 212 - Profile: Data exploration in management

Work placement:

160 internship hours as defined in the Internship Terms and Regulations

Graduation requirements:

In order to successfully finish an undergraduate programme, a student must:

  1. achieve the intended learning outcomes and receive 212 ECTS points,
  2. finish an internship (associated with receiving a credit for the relevant class included in their study programme),
  3. receive a positive grade for a group engineering project that is reviewed and verified against plagiarism,
  4. receive a positive grade for a diploma exam.

Graduate profile and further learning opportunities:

A student who has received a diploma in Data Engineering is ready to participate in interdisciplinary projects associated with creating IT tools that streamline the procedures of collecting and processing data in particular data that is used for business decisions. The graduate has a working knowledge of mathematics, statistics, economy and IT, among other fields, and has the ability to apply critical thinking to analyse and solve issues. Moreover, they are qualified to successfully communicate with both IT designers and the management in a company. They know how to present the effects of their work and submit proposals to members of the management and/or IT employees in a clear and comprehensible way using relevant reports and visual presentation techniques.

A person who has been awarded an undergraduate degree in Data Engineering is prepared to pursue a graduate programme.

Person responsible for the study programme:

dr inż. Anna Trzaskowska
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