Subjects list

Information about the course

Field of study:

Naval Architecture and Offshore Structures

Level of studies:

second-cycle studies

Mode of study:

Full-time studies

Date of commencement of studies:

February 2023


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Ship Technology

Level of qualification according to the European and national qualifications frameworks:

full qualification at the 7th level of the Polish Qualifications Framework

Professional title obtained by the graduate:

magister inżynier

Learning profile:

general academic profile

Number of semesters:


Number of ECTS credits:

  • 30 - Field of study: Naval Architecture and Offshore Structures
  • 91 - Specialization: Design of Ships and Ocean Engineering Equipment

Work placement:

The study program does't include apprenticeship.

Graduation requirements:

Obtaining the learning outcomes and the required number of ECTS points specified in the education program, submitting and obtaining a positive grade for the diploma thesis and passing the diploma examination.

Graduate profile and further learning opportunities:

The graduate of the Master's degree in Naval Architecture and Offshore Structures is an expert ready to face the challenges of the modern job market in the maritime sector. The knowledge and practical skills acquired can be applied in the design, construction, operation, and modernization of ships and all kinds of marine utility structures. The program emphasizes innovation and interdisciplinarity, preparing graduates for design and systems thinking essential in the dynamically changing technological environment.

Advanced specialized courses, often conducted in cooperation with the maritime industry, allow for the acquisition of unique competencies related to the latest trends in maritime engineering, such as the design of ecological propulsion systems, the use of renewable energy sources at sea, and the development of autonomous vessels.

Professional internships, which are an integral part of the curriculum, and the opportunity to participate in real research and engineering projects, provide not only valuable experience but also build a professional network. Graduates are prepared to work in design offices, shipyards, consulting and engineering companies, as well as in research institutions and maritime administration. They are also qualified to run their own business in the maritime sector. The are prepared to tackle the challenge of postgraduate studies.

 In each module, the graduate is trained to integrate technical knowledge with practical skills, preparing them for the diverse challenges of the maritime industry. They are equipped to engage in innovative ship design, construction, and operation, ensuring their work aligns with current standards and advancements in marine technology.

Person responsible for the study programme:

dr hab. inż. Przemysław Krata
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