Subjects list

Information about the course

Field of study:


Level of studies:

second-cycle studies

Mode of study:

Full-time studies

Date of commencement of studies:

February 2022


Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics

Level of qualification according to the European and national qualifications frameworks:

full qualification at the 7th level of the Polish Qualifications Framework

Professional title obtained by the graduate:

Master of Science in Engineering

Learning profile:

general academic profile

Number of semesters:


Number of ECTS credits:

  • 35 - Field of study: Nanotechnology
  • 88 - Specialization: Projektowanie nowych materiałów
  • 88 - Specialization: Photonic Nanostructures

Work placement:

not applicable

Graduation requirements:

- the attainment of  90/120 ECTS credits,
- preparation and completion of the diploma project,
- passing the diploma examination

Graduate profile and further learning opportunities:

After graduation, the graduate will have:
- extended general knowledge of physics;
- general knowledge of materials engineering;
- basic knowledge of nanobiotechnology and nanochemistry;
- in-depth detailed knowledge of nanotechnology and other sciences in the areas corresponding to the profiles of individual specialties;
- the ability to analyze the most important physical processes and phenomena for the studied problems;
- ability to design devices and measuring stations;
- the ability to popularize the achievements of science and technology.

Person responsible for the study programme:

dr hab. inż. Agnieszka Witkowska
(58) 348 66 08
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