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Information about the course

Field of study:

Economic Analytics

Level of studies:

first-cycle studies

Mode of study:

Full-time studies

Date of commencement of studies:

October 2024


Faculty of Management and Economics

Level of qualification according to the European and national qualifications frameworks:

full qualification at the 6th level of the Polish Qualifications Framework

Professional title obtained by the graduate:


Learning profile:

general academic profile

Number of semesters:


Number of ECTS credits:

  • 163 - Field of study: Economic Analytics
  • 180 - Specialization: Financial Analyst
  • 180 - Specialization: Market Analyst

Work placement:

The internship is carried out in semester 4 in the amount of 100 hours. 4 ECTS credits are assigned to this training. As part of the internship, students verify their knowledge obtained during studies in creative and entrepreneurial activities in identifying and solving innovative ideas. They can demonstrate professional and effective teamwork, both as a leader and as a team member.

Graduation requirements:

Obtaining the first-degree qualification requires achieving the learning outcomes and the number of 180 ECTS points specified in the program, internships and admission to the defence of the diploma thesis after checking in the anti-plagiarism system, obtaining a positive grade for the diploma thesis and the diploma examination.

Graduate profile and further learning opportunities:

Graduates of WZiE are prepared to face the challenges of an unpredictable future resulting from environmental changes. They realize their aspirations as well as global social expectations, shaping their future role as a person prepared to analyse complex problems, inspired by the results of contemporary research; develop unique solutions to economic issues critically and creatively; act as a leader; activities with social commitment and awareness of global problems in different cultures, respecting diversity.
Students can choose a specialisation in the Economic Analytics program depending on their interests.
Graduates of the Financial Analyst specialization are prepared to conduct analyses of financial markets as well as the risks associated with financial activities. Another important area in this specialization is techniques for making optimal investment decisions. Graduates are prepared to use computer techniques in accounting and obtain information on the specifics of tax accounting.
Graduates of the Market Analyst specialization are prepared to conduct market analyses in various areas. Much emphasis is placed on the relationship between producers and consumers. Examples of areas of analysis are consumer behaviour or analysing the relationships between market stakeholders. In addition, one of the important elements of the functioning of the market are activities related to price formation. It is difficult to consider all these issues in isolation from the principles of the functioning of the labour market.
Graduates are prepared to continue their studies in the second cycle of studies.

Person responsible for the study programme:

dr Justyna Kujawska
(58) 347 13 21
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