Subjects list

Information about the course

Field of study:

Civil Engineering

Level of studies:

second-cycle studies

Mode of study:

Full-time studies

Date of commencement of studies:

February 2022


Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Level of qualification according to the European and national qualifications frameworks:

full qualification at the 7th level of the Polish Qualifications Framework

Professional title obtained by the graduate:

magister inżynier

Learning profile:

general academic profile

Number of semesters:


Number of ECTS credits:

  • 0 - Field of study: Civil Engineering
  • 45 - Stream: Civil Engineering
  • 75 - Specialization: Technology and Management in Civil Engineering
  • 48 - Specialization: Building and Civil Engineering Structures
  • 75 - Profile: Mosty
  • 75 - Profile: Concrete Structures
  • 75 - Profile: Construction Engineering
  • 75 - Profile: Metal Structures
  • 75 - Profile: Modeling of Engineering Structures
  • 75 - Specialization: Hydro and Marine Civil Engineering
  • 45 - Specialization: Transportation Engineering
  • 75 - Profile: Rail Roads
  • 72 - Profile: Inżynieria drogowa
  • 75 - Specialization: Geotechnics
  • 0 - Stream: Civil Engineering
  • 110 - Specialization: Civil Engineering

Work placement:


Graduation requirements:

  1. obtaining 95 ECTS points (94 Civil Engineering)
  2. submitting a master diploma and passing the diploma exam


Graduate profile and further learning opportunities:

The graduate of the master degree programme acquires advanced theoretical knowledge in the design and implementation of various building structures. After graduation, he/she has the basis for creative work in the following fields: design, renovation of building structures and engineering constructions, and supervision and management of construction processes using modern computer techniques.In addition to theoretical knowledge, the graduate also acquires professional skills necessary for the common labour market. The graduate is prepared to work in construction and design offices, scientific and research institutions and research and development centres, as well as institutions dealing with construction consultancy. He/she is also prepared to manage the execution of all types of construction design of public, industrial and communication facilities, to organise the production of built elements and to supervise construction execution. The graduate is also prepared to enter doctoral school.

Person responsible for the study programme:

dr inż. Rafał Ossowski
+48 58 347 27 01
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